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BestYouPRO Christmas Wish

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christmas wishes - BestYouPRO INternational

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Christmas Wish – BestYouPRO International

Another year has passed and we are most grateful for all of you who have continued on this #journey with us. BestYouPRO has continued to grow with each passing month and we are eternally grateful for your continued support. We appreciate each of you. A special thanks to all who have been with us from 2016 and an especially BIG welcome our new passengers.

2017 was a year of exponential learning for us, so much of which has been learned through simple osmosis. This would not have been possible without you. So much could have gone wrong but we have emerged triumphant and we are grateful. We have had far less than our fair share of challenges, yes you read that correctly. As we go into 2018, it is my Christmas wish that we will not just plan and visualise but most importantly, EXECUTE on those ideas that will help us to grow and level up. Speaking specifically for myself, execution is one department in which I would very much like to improve.

My Christmas wish for you, and myself, is that we will continue to adopt the mindset of greatness, to continue to take action in the direction of our goals and to continue to develop the best version of ourselves. May we all take some time to reflect, not just on the past 12 months but also on the last 12 years. In so doing, I hope we can all appreciate just how much we have grown, how much we have learned and how much we have accomplished. My Christmas wish is that we will see the failures of the last 12 months as learning experiences and to use the feedback garnered to set ourselves up for an even better 2018. May we also take time to celebrate the victories we had, irrespective of how small. Finally, may we use all the experiences (good and bad) as fuel for the next leg of our respective #journeys. Onward to our continued success. 


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