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Why We Should Be READING More Books

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Why We Should Be Reading More Books




With the advent of more advanced technologies, the reading of books has taken the back burner. Mobile and desktop applications have gained more prevalence. The reading of books on the other hand has been on the decline. This is particularly true among the younger demographic. In this article, we will look at five reasons why we ought to consider reading more books.


1. Reading Stimulates the Brain


We have all heard it, “Reading is to the brain what physical exercise is to the body.” It has been my personal experience that this is true. As we go through this list we will see some of the ways in which this adage rings true. Reading a book stimulates the brain in a way that listening to an audio book fails to accomplish.



2. Reading Increases Our Creativity


Have you ever had that moment while reading a passage in a book or magazine when an idea literally pops into your mind? I certainly have. This is one of the better effects reading has on our minds. It helps us to take otherwise disjointed ideas and create something meaningful and powerful. A lot of the ideas we have conceived can be traced back to one or more pieces of literature that we have read. The same can be said of audiobooks, radio shows and podcasts we have listened to, though not at the same levels.



3. Reading Enhances Our Imagination


Movies and motion pictures remove the element of imagination from stories. I believe that in so doing movies actually do us a dis-service. Think about a book you’ve once read. Now, try to recall for a moment the image of a character that came to mind when you read about him/her. Does this image differ from the one that you saw when the book was made into a motion picture? More often than not, it does. The image you saw when you imagined the character was of your own creation. It was based primarily on what your mind’s eye was able to see based on the description given by the author. Images we see in movies reflect the imagination of the Director while at the same time inhibit our own imagination.



4. Reading Is A More Involved Activity


We may hear but not listen. How many times do we find ourselves skipping from one YouTube Channel to another? The reason is simply because of the availability and the ease with which it can be done. We can quite easily have an audiobook playing in the background in our car or on our phone while still looking through photos. Not quite so when we are reading. By choosing to read a book we are choosing to engage in a more involved practice. Unlike watching a video or listening to an audiobook, we cannot read a book whilst having a conversation with someone else.



5. A Book Read Is a Book Owned


This is more a philosophical advantage to reading. I have been of the opinion that with each book we read, we grow smarter. At the time of this writing, I have a small library of over 50 books. However, I only consider the books owned after I have read them. Already, I have started writing book reviews on this website. However, I think it might be useful to also present these in video format. This is to be one of the advantages of my YouTube channel. With each book I read, I will be making a video presentation on the greatest take aways. I feel that by doing this, I will have read the books for a deeper meaning. Undoubtedly, I will learn more from the author in this way as well.

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