Your One Word - Evan Carmichael

Why One Word Can Change Your Life and Business

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Your One Word
Your One Word – Evan Carmichael

Why One Word Can Change Your Life and Business – Your One Word by Evan Carmichael

A Book Review


I have been following Evan Carmichael since 2015, but he has been helping Entrepreneurs for over a decade. I consider myself to be a true beneficiary of his Rules for Success Series and his Mentor Me Series. In mid 2016, I started watching his #GratitudeJournal videos. Starting my day with gratitude turned out to be a revolutionary habit. Soon I was tuning in to his LIVE streams every morning. I soon learned he was working on a book and I knew I had to read it. I thought, with all the research this guy and his team have done into #SUCCESS, there is bound to be gold in this book. I was not let down.

Here are five reasons Your One Word can change your life and your business. Please note, there are many more ideas in the book and I highly encourage picking up a copy. If that excites you, click here to purchase a copy, if not let me proceed to tell you how one word can change your life and your business.


1. Find Your Greatness


In his book, Evan discusses the process of finding his one word. He explains how the process helped him to discover his greatness and how it motivated him to re-brand his business. The book shares many short stories of people who used their one word to revolutionize their business. It all starts with mindset – I know that sounds cliché, but that is only because it is true. We say, “A cliché is nothing but a simple truth, repeated so many times that people have lost appreciation for it.” The greatest leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs have one word that connects all they #BELIEVE in. Your one word might cause a major positive disruption in an entire industry.


2. Get Into The Right Business


Your One Word is very thought provoking, but very inspiring. Finding your one word will enable you to make the best decisions for you. After finding your one word you might need to start planning your exit out of your current business or position. I say planning because I do not endorse blindly quitting our jobs. I believe in developing a proper exit strategy, one that will lead us to success. Once we have done so, we may now put the plan into action, possibly with the hope to move on within a few years.

The book introduced me to the concept of core selling. In core selling, we focus on our one word and using that to drive sales. We have to communicate why we are in business to our customers. We have to tell them why what we do is important. The concept reminded me of Simon Sinek’s talk entitled, “Start With Why”. At the end of Chapter 1 there are nine (9) quotes from entrepreneurs in different industries cautioning us about going into business solely for the purpose of making money. It might surprise you to hear what President Donald Trump had to say about this.


3. Find The Ideal Investor/Partner


This applies as much to life as it does love. Your one word will embody everything about you. We are in the financial education industry, we want to find someone who is (about) as passionate about this subject as we are. BUT, we don’t just want to partner with anyone who has money and loves finance. We want someone who believes in achieving success through financial education. We do not  want just any partner, we want someone who lives, breathes and strives for success. We want someone who believes success is possible for anyone because it is predicated on their will to achieve it.


4. Get (and Keep) the Best Employees


I love part three of the book most. This section talks about how we can use our one word to build a culture in my company. It talks about how the traditional hiring process is broken. By reading the chapters in this section of the book I saw why some firms encounter huge human resource problems shortly after taking on new people. Evan also shares his unconventional method of hiring people and onboarding in this section of the book. I got many great ideas from his process.

The chapter also speaks of four entrepreneurs who developed unique methods of hiring around their one word. It talks about developing an environment around your one word and creating rituals that your team will connect with. The point that became very clear to me after reading the chapter on Culture was, if we build our companies in line with our one word then we will attract only those people who connect with our word. Further to that, if we do happen to get someone who doesn’t connect with your one word, then they will not stay in our company for very long.

Now one might say, what if I am not an Entrepreneur? What if I work for a big organization? What if I am a school teacher? Or, what if I am a cab driver? I say, it does not matter. We can use our one word to create a culture in our departments, in our sections, in our classrooms, even in our taxis whilst carrying people to their destination. If we did that we would soon be serving our ideal customers.


5. Serve Your Ideal Customer


This book will cause you to ask yourself some really tough questions. Reading this book forced me to ask, who would I really want to serve? Ask yourself this, when you first got into business, who did you envision walking through the door? Reading this book showed me that if my business is designed (or branded) around my one word, then that is exactly the type of person I will get coming through my doors.




In this book, I encountered the most important exercise I have ever taken in order to build my business. But it is has taught me more than that. I learned how I should approach building my client list, finding investors/partners and the proper approach to selling our products and services at BestYouPRO International.

Read this book to learn the process of finding your one word. Then, use that word to build the business you’ve always wanted or to expand your current business. Let Evan Carmichael show you how he used his One Word to build his business and how you can do the same. He certainly did that for us. Continue to #Persevere for #SUCCESS.

PS. I highly recommend reading the Acknowledgement first 😉 Enjoy the read.



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