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Why You Should Seek Your Dream Job Now

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5 Reasons You Should Seek Your Dream Job Now



If we were to take the time to ask, we would discover that the greater majority of people are not doing what they have always dreamt of doing. The most common reasons for this are covered in our article entitled “Why Most People are NOT Living Their Dreams,” however I wish to propose that many times we end up living lives we did not intend for ourselves because we do not TAKE ACTION in the direction of the ideals that we have for our lives. This is as true for love as it is for work.

In this article, I will explore five reasons we should seek our dream job TODAY.

1. Test the Waters of the Dream

Sometimes what we might consider a dream may very well be a nightmare. Maybe we did not fully understand the requirements of the “dream job”. Maybe we did not fully understand what it would demand of us. I know a lot of people who thought they wanted to be Doctors, until they spent the first day in a hospital. I also know a lot of would-be Entrepreneurs who changed their minds after their first business venture failed.
In the former case, seven (7) years had already been spent studying Medicine. Two of the great advantages of seeking our dream jobs early are that, it will:

  • Enable us to test the waters and confirm whether we really want to do that job everyday for the next 10 years.
  • Enable us to find out if that job is a good fit for our personality.

2. Save Time

Remember those people I spoke of earlier who thought they wanted to be Doctors. One of those persons in particular found out Medicine and Surgery was not the life he wanted to live after he lost his first patient. Unfortunately, this was after spending five (5) years getting a Bsc in Basic Medicine, two (2) years specializing in Pediatric Surgery and two (2) years Clinical Training. He now designs Rocket Engines for N.A.S.A. and couldn’t be happier. If we take the additional three (3) years he spent studying Engineering and the two (2) years of specialization in Jet Propulsion Systems into consideration we will see that he lost a total of nine (9) years in order to find his dream job. Warren Buffet said, “At a particular stage in life, the limited resource becomes time, not money.” Time is too valuable a resource to trifle with.

3. Learn More

Mastering any discipline requires time. We have all heard that it takes 10,000 hours to reach the greatest heights of a particular field. Seeking out our dream jobs today means we will learn more about the field as we get deeper into it.

4. Build Credibility in the Field

I have an upcoming article and ebook entitled “How to Build Credibility in Your Market Place” Undoubtedly, one of the strategies involved requires that you be in the field you consider your dream field. Nobody trust the Butcher who just set up shop in the community. Who is he? Where is he from? Where did he do his training? What does he know about the different cuts of meats? Does he care about the animals he slaughters?

By starting early in our fields, we build up social credit with the market place. Now when Billy and Jane move to the neighbourhood, the only place the neighbours will recommend to get their Sunday Stake is your shop.

5. Grow With The Field

Our fields are growing, so should we. By getting in early, we get a front row seat to all major developments. Heck, we get to be Directors in the development of the field if we so wish. I have experienced this first-hand in my previous employment. That opportunity has presented itself yet again in my most recent employment.

Some Practical Steps To Getting Your Dream Job

We all have BIG dreams. Our dream jobs are currently filled by persons who have spent decades mastering their field. For others among us, our dream jobs do not yet exist. So, the Skeptic may say, “Yea, this all sounds great but there is no Surgeon who is going to allow a freshman in his Operating Theater. There is no Lawyer who is going to give you his one billion dollar corporate case. NO Entrepreneur is going to teach you, step by step, how to build a business” And the Skeptic might be correct BUT all hope is not lost.
Here I list 5 practical steps that we can all take to into our dream job early.

  1. Read widely in your field of interest.
  2. Connect with top people in the field via LinkedIn, YouTube or Facebook.
  3. Start at the bottom…but don’t stay there long.
  4. Connect and engage with people who are just starting in the field as well as those who just retired.
  5. Connect and engage with the leading companies/organizations in your dream field.


Some wise Greek guy said, “If you wish to get to Mount Olympus, make sure that every step you take is in that direction”-Tweet this. Our dream jobs are closer than we think. Often times, we do not get what we want, not because it is unavailable but because we do not ask. “We often do not get our dreams, not for lack of availability but for lack of request.” Even more crippling is not taking action in the direction we want to go. For those of us who believe we have found exactly what we want to do, there is no reason not to seek it out today. Consider the five (5) reasons I have given as to why we should and decide to take ACTION. Consider also, the five practical steps offered, which one could you start taking action on tomorrow. (Take tonight and think it over.)


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5 thoughts on “Why You Should Seek Your Dream Job Now

  1. I’m looking forward to the article on “How to Build Credibility in Your Market Place”. Especially as a new graduate looking to be an entrepreneur. Thing is, the CEO for where I work used to work for Microsoft, 30 years of age yet large companies don’t want to give him contracts. How do I myself even start out when I decide to branch off?

  2. Hey Cruze, the article will be published in the first week of December. If you are subscribed to the BestYouPRO Community then you will be notified as soon as it is posted.
    I am sure the points shared will be useful in answering your question.

  3. Thank you for reading through Aneka. I really appreciate it. Do let me know your results after you have employed the strategies for a while 🙂 Looking forward to hearing all about it.

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