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Five Ways to Maximize LinkedIn

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Five Ways to Maximize LinkedIn

1. Ensure your LinkedIn profile gives a good picture of your expertise

2. Connect with Authorities in Your Field.

These may include Authors, Professors, Researchers and Commercial Entities

3. Follow Companies and Organizations you would want to work with.

4. Interact With Your LinkedIn Network

This might be as simple as using the generic congratulatory messages to let your connections know you observe the advancements they are making. If you want to be a head of the pack though, skip LinkedIn generics and write them a personal message. It will certainly make you more memorable.

5. Initiate Conversations

The aim of LinkedIn is to create a global community of professionals and Experts. So do not be afraid to post questions and take part in discussions.


Share Articles and Photos that Show Your Other Interest

Human Resource Personnel like to know that potential employees have hobbies and other interest outside of our designated field. It could be as simple as playing football. Why is this important, well, for one, it gives them an idea of whether you will be able to help the team in the upcoming inter departmental sport day but aside from that, it tells them that you have a personality outside of work and this can make you more attractive on an interpersonal level.

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