Personal Development – Why You Should Care

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Personal Development – Why You Should Care


In January 2016, the time of this writing, Earth’s population was 7.4 Billion people. However, less than 10% of that number is actively involved in the process of personal development. In our bid to increase that percentage, we at BestYouPro have put together a case consisting of five reasons we believe personal development is worth your time. These are:

Development of Clarity and Direction

In our experience, we have found that many people are very unclear as to what they want and where they would like to be. Many people struggle to answer the often asked questions of 1. What do you want and 2, the dreaded, Where do you see yourself in five years? By embarking on personal development, one can, in a reasonable short time (a few weeks or months) identify what it is he/she truly wants. Further to that, by identifying it and coming up with a plan, he/she automatically finds out where they ought to be in the next five years.

Exponential Achievement

How many hours did you spend working on your major goal yesterday? Quite a lot of people cannot answer this question. They can however tell you that they worked from 08:30 am to 04:30 pm or in some cases to 05:30 pm and brought home some work. In the US, the typical person spends a minimum of two hours daily, traversing to and from work. By listening to audio books in this time, you can achieve the equivalent of a Bachelors Degree, in just about any subject, in under five years.

If you were to spend just two hours per day after work working on one of those skills you wanted to develop, you would achieve professional competence in under one year. Many basic proficiency courses require that you spend 120 hours interacting with the material. At two hours per day for six days per week, you could complete 5 such courses each year. Here is the math:

Here is what that would look like graphically if you have been working at the same job for the last five years.

Insert Exponential Graph.

You Get into the Top 10% of the people in the world

In personal development, we say that only the top 10% of people of written, timelined goals with deadlines. If you wish to verify this, it can be done with a simple experiment. The method of which is as follows:
1. Get up from your current position and take a walk.
2. Ask the first ten individuals you encounter to show you their list of goals for the current year.
3. Calculate the percentage of persons who were able to produce such a list.

Theoretically, only one (1) will be able to do so. Let us know how many you found in the comments section of this article.

By deciding to embark on the journey of personal development, you automatically join the top ten percent in your workplace, your community, your country and the world.

You start the journey of becoming the best you

Personal development is so called because it is just that; it is development of one’s own self. Personal Development is also commonly known as self help which we believe is self explanatory. The reason for this is that, though the journey will lead to better interactions for those you encounter and better results for those you serve, it is you who benefits the most from it. You will find that through the journey of personal development you will become more disciplined, more knowledgeable, more self-aware, more skillful and more responsible.

Get Paid More

Jim Rohn, the pioneer of personal development said “In my experience, income does not far exceed personal development. Sometimes, income takes a lucky jump but sure enough, unless you grow out to where it is, it will come back down.” In a like fashion, if you are to embark on personal development, you will soon find that your income starts to go up. Here is the rationale, in starting to work on yourself , you begin by reading (or listening) to books that will enable you to develop a growth philosophy, you become more disciplined as this is required for you to complete your books.

In completing your books, you become more knowledgeable, more self-aware and more skillful. In becoming more knowledgeable and more skillful, you become more efficient at your work and more respected in your field. You become more responsible and in so doing you are granted more responsibility at your workplace. In handling your greater responsibilities, you become more eligible for promotions. In time, you become so valuable to your company and so renowned in your field that you are the automatic choice when a higher position becomes available. If you are not chosen, no problem, you can apply elsewhere for a higher position, if you so choose. Regardless of the situation, the outcome is the same, you earn more as a result of developing yourself.


We have presented five reasons why Personal Development is a worthwhile endeavour for all individuals. For your convenience, we repeat them here with links to the respective sections of the article.

1. Development of Clarity and Direction
2. Exponential Skill Acquisition and Achievement
3. Join the top 10%
4. Become a better individual
5. Get paid more
Let us know your thoughts on this article. Tell us which one of the five benefits presented here most appeal to you. Like and share this article on your favourite social media. Check out our other articles on Personal Development.

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